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The GoodFor Company

When they expanded their product offering they needed a brand refresh to encompass more than just water. πŸš€

Brand Concept 1

Brand Concept 2

Brand Concept 3

Social Concept

🚩 : Allergy Defender didn't have a clear brand story.

Because Allergy Defender was rooted in science, family, & allergy relief, we crafted a position focused on that famailar feeling of family and the confidence in knowing they will always have your back.

At Allergy Defender, we make life with indoor allergies healthier & happier by stopping symptoms at the source.

With an updated look, tone of voice,Β and clear brand purpose we evolved Allergy Defender from another nameless brand on amazon to a well-trusted & science backed brand.


"The smartest choice we made was hiring Tap Seven Branding. Lauren is knowledgeable, authentic, and passionate about helping small businesses make impactful changes to better their brand and drive real results."

Savanna Elliott
CEO, Allergy Defender

What we did

βœ… Brand Identity Workshop

βœ… Brand Positioning

βœ… Amazon A+ Detail

βœ… Shopify Design & Build

βœ… Retention Brand Marketing

βœ… On-going Brand Consulting

The Results πŸ†

The creation of a strong and memorable brand identity that authentically represents the business, builds trust and loyalty with the Allergy Defender target audience, and sets them up for long-term success.

Use our expertise in branding to add dollars to your bottom line πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ