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The Goodfor company

At The Goodfor Co, we embarked on an ambitious Shopify redesign project that involved merging our existing WordPress site into the Shopify platform. Our new website not only showcases a refreshed design but also represents our holistic brand message. This integration ensures a seamless and intuitive browsing experience, allowing customers to effortlessly explore and purchase our range of water filtration products. The site now offers a cohesive, streamlined interface that enhances user engagement and supports our commitment to providing high-quality, sustainable water filtration solutions.

Jane Emma CEO

Under Lauren's guidance, our online store has experienced an incredible 68% increase in revenue year over year. Her fresh ideas and insights have continuously driven our success. Lauren's dedication to self-improvement and staying ahead in a rapidly changing marketing landscape is evident in the results she delivers.

Boris CFO

Lauren was absolutely instrumental in developing the look and direction of The GoodFor Company's online store. Her professionalism and accommodating nature, coupled with her vast expertise, made it easy to trust her advice and direction.

the collaboration

  • Shopify Website Build (Wordpress Migration)
  • Brand Strategy
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Klaviyo E-mail Flows
  • Ongoing Management

What we worked on

The Goal

The goal was to increase revenue and conversion rate optimization (CRO) for the Shopify store while rebranding GoodFor Co. to better align with an audience committed to wellness. This involved revamping the brand identity to reflect the company's commitment to overall well-being and ensuring that the online store's design, functionality, and user experience effectively supported this new direction.

The Strategy

Starting with a brand audit and detailed competitor analysis we were able to understand market trends and pinpoint opportunities for differentiation. Based on these insights, the rebranding process focused on creating a cohesive and appealing holistic health image. Concurrently, Shopify optimizations were carried out, including enhancing site speed, streamlining the checkout process, and integrating apps like Okendo for reviews, and BOLD for subscription services. These efforts collectively aimed to elevate the user experience, drive higher conversion rates, and boost overall revenue.

The Results

Over the past year, we have seen remarkable results, including a 213% increase in Shopify revenue and a fourfold increase in subscriptions. Our efforts in rebranding and optimization have provided us with a much clearer understanding of our core customer base, enabling us to tailor our strategies more effectively. Additionally, we continue to launch targeted campaigns that successfully attract both new and returning users, further solidifying our market position and driving sustained growth.