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At SLNT, we conducted an extensive brand workshop as part of a comprehensive Shopify website consulting project. As SLNT experienced growth in both revenue and employee numbers, it became crucial to realign the brand purpose to support further expansion. Our approach included a thorough brand audit, a competitive analysis, and a series of in-depth, hands-on workshops. This collaborative effort resulted in a complete brand overhaul, encompassing a new mission, look, and feel that positioned SLNT for continued success.

Aaron Zar CEO

Amazing! Loved every second of the workshop and we are so excited for what's next, thank you Lauren.

Annmarie Hereford

Our team worked with Tap Seven Branding on a company re-brand. It was a great experience for the team and provided us with everything we needed to move forward with our re-brand. Lauren was exceptional - knowledgable, friendly, and really listened to us. Highly recommend!

the collaboration

  • Brand Audit
  • Brand Strategy
  • Live Hands on Workshop
  • Shopify Website Consulting

What we worked on

The Goal

The primary goal of the SLNT project was to drive alignment and clarify the brand's purpose, transforming it into a compelling narrative for business growth. Additionally, our Shopify website consulting services aimed to enhance the user experience, thereby improving conversion rates (CVR) and other key performance metrics.

The Strategy

The heart of our strategy was a series of hands-on workshops involving key stakeholders from across the organization. These workshops were designed to foster collaboration, encourage open dialogue, and inspire creative thinking. During these sessions, we delved into the core values and mission of SLNT, refining and clarifying the brand purpose. With a clear purpose in hand, we crafted a powerful brand story that resonated with both the team and the target audience. This narrative served as the foundation for a robust go-to-market strategy aimed at driving business growth.

The Results

The result of our comprehensive brand workshop and Shopify website consulting was transformative for SLNT. The new visuals and cohesive alignment within the team not only revitalized the brand but also propelled it forward into new markets. The refined brand purpose and compelling narrative energized the team, fostering a unified sense of direction and passion. The updated Shopify website, with its improved user experience and enhanced conversion rates, effectively reflected the new brand identity, attracting a broader audience and driving significant business growth. This strategic overhaul positioned SLNT for sustained success and expansion in a competitive market landscape.