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dry right flood

For Dry Right Flood, we undertook a comprehensive brand workshop and website build project, transitioning from the existing WordPress site to a sleek, modern Squarespace platform. This new website not only features a refreshed design but also reflects Dry Right Flood's updated mission of providing exceptional, reliable flood restoration services. As part of the rebranding effort, we developed a new logo that symbolizes the company's dedication to swift and thorough restoration solutions. The redesigned site offers a cohesive, streamlined interface that enhances user engagement, effectively communicating Dry Right Flood's new look, feel, and mission.

Mike Robbins CEO

I hired Lauren to redo my website and help take my business to the next level. She knocked it out of the park! She is detailed oriented and does amazing work, I would highly recommend her and her team.

the collaboration

  • Squarespace Website Build (Wordpress Migration)
  • Brand Workshop
  • Brand Strategy
  • New Logo Design

Logo Transformation

What we worked on

The Goal

The goal of Dry Right Flood's brand refresh was to revitalize the brand identity to better represent the brand. This involved gaining a deep understanding of our customers, aligning with our core values, and differentiating from competitors. We updated visual elements, refined messaging, enhanced our online presence, and improved the user experience.

The Strategy

To accomplish the brand refresh for Dry Right Flood, we conducted an in-depth audience analysis and a brand audit, followed by a competitor analysis to identify key differentiators. We updated the visual elements, including a new logo, and refined our messaging to align with our updated mission. The website was transitioned from WordPress to Squarespace, creating a cohesive, streamlined interface that enhances user engagement.

The Results

The results of the brand refresh for Dry Right Flood have been outstanding. We've seen a noticeable boost in organic traffic and lead generation, with a significant increase in website visits. The new, streamlined website and refreshed brand identity have greatly improved user engagement, leading to longer visit durations and fewer bounce rates. Our refined messaging and visual elements have deeply resonated with our target customers, fostering stronger trust and loyalty.