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Creating compelling brand stories and engaging websites that drive results

Hello, im lauren

A dedicated brand marketing professional who excels in strategic planning, creative ideation, and effective brand messaging. With a proven track record of surpassing expectations, i'm committed to driving brands toward their mission and vision. My expertise in Shopify websites is unparalleled; I have successfully managed numerous projects, from full site rebuilds to implementing key apps that enhance functionality and user experience. My ability to align brand identity with digital presence ensures that every Shopify site not only looks great but performs exceptionally well. My comprehensive approach to branding, including in-depth audits, competitive analysis, and hands-on workshops, has consistently resulted in revitalized brands that resonate deeply with their target audiences. Whether it's through a complete brand overhaul or strategic digital marketing campaigns, my work continually fosters trust, loyalty, and growth for the brands she champions.

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Trevor Farrow Founder

I worked with Tap Seven for their branding workshop and I couldn't be happier. Through this workshop we developed who we are as a brand including our brand voice, our vision and mission statement, and some parameters for the team to work within. I'd highly recommend Tap Seven!

Savanna Elliott Co-Founder

The best decision we have made was hiring Tap Seven Branding. We have noticed real results, clearer branding and messaging, and higher conversion. Tap Seven Branding truly cares about helping businesses grow.

our core values


In the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing and e-commerce, the ability to adapt and respond to new challenges is everything. Our approach is agile, continuously learning and adjusting strategies to stay ahead of the curve and meet the dynamic needs of clients.


We believe in starting with "why." By understanding the core purpose and vision behind each brand, we craft strategies that are deeply aligned with the brand’s mission. This purpose-driven approach ensures that every project not only meets business objectives but also resonates on a deeper level with the target audience.


We prioritize a human-centric approach in all our projects, focusing on creating experiences that genuinely resonate with people. By understanding the needs, emotions, and behaviors of our clients and their audiences, we design solutions that are not only functional and effective but also deeply meaningful and impactful.